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DPG’s Rachel Clentworth new play 🙂

A scene still from Ollie 2011
How Ollie sees his folks – Featuring Rachel Clentworth and Lee Donoghue

The Rivals: Theater Review
3:19 PM PDT 10/19/2012 by Myron Meisel



The Rivals Theater Review – H 2012
The Bottom Line

Sagely eccentric mounting of classic comedy that appeals to modern tastes while tinkering with a period authenticity of acting style.

The Actors’ Gang, Culver City (runs through Nov. 17)

Patti Tippo, Brian T. Finney, VJ Foster, Rachel Clentworth, Suzanne Fagan, Molly O’Neill, Will McFadden, Simon Hanna, Chris Schultz, Pierre Adeli, Bob Turton

David Schweizer

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s first play, which gave the world the term “malapropism” in 1775, is staged in Culver City.

In the seaside town of Bath, it’s Beach Party 1775, where everyone wears layers of ornamental clothing, the course of love cannot be left to the chance of pheromones and everyone schemes to secure their fortunes and flummox their opponents

6 Degrees of Separation

6 Degrees of Separation 

The concept of 6 degrees of separation has come up a lot in my life.  I hail from Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand (Google Maps), where my Father is the local Gynecologist and Obstetrician so I spent a good portion of my young life encountering new people who would either introduce themselves to me with “Your dad delivered me” or at least hear it from their folks.

Numerous times I was thwarted in the middle of some dumb adolescent tomfoolery by a phone call from the parental units informing me that one of their friends, friends, friends had seen me pulling doughnuts on the school field.
In this community scale its easily identifiable, however as that broadens out to any 6 steps away from any other person in the entire world, it becomes for me a hard concept to grasp.

The test set up by the BBC documentary ‘6 Degrees of Separation‘ was truly a fascinating and insightful look into this subject and how what perhaps started out only as the fantastical words of a Hollywood screenwriter, are now in fact the hypothesis for a truly scientific study of populations and our communication habits.

In the opener the claim is put to the test by challenging forty people to track down and send a package to a geneticist in Boston Massachusetts, they are not allowed to look him up or track him down via the internet. Preposterous I thought to myself as I watched, sure this concept may work on small scale but forty people from all over the world all able to track down one individual in an average of six people only known on a first name basis.

It’s a large scale idea that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.

As the first of the test subjects, a European College Student explains how she plans to get the package to the target in just four logical steps it becomes slightly less inconceivable…

When a Mathematician and founding mind behind the practicalities of proving this theory explains it first through the push and shove of a romantic relationship I feel myself hitting a brick wall. Not because I can’t understand his perspective, it is a logical one but one that does not allow a latitude of freedom, I’m a romantic and always tend to pull away from ideas which try to “mathematize” the chaos of real life with “The simple elegance of numbers”.

When it comes to matters of synchronisity and the spectacles of the natural world I choose not to conclude scientifically because to do so takes away from the curiosity and wonder in which I view the world.
I grasp the ideas behind they’re thinking sure however to me those hypotheses simply can’t be agreed with, as in doing so I lose the ability to be an individual and become trapped in a box like their first test subjects, Crickets.

The initial experiment with crickets here leads them to the “6 degrees” and then onto networks.

This is portrayed as a breakthrough in human thinking but is it really? Humans have been “Networkers” throughout their existence, be it the members of a particular faith or the migrants of one particular country creating mini populations in other countries all over the world.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that as human beings we are all connected nor do I put a lack of importance on Networks, as the first segment of this doco exclaimed early on these networks make up an endless amount of possibilities for new ground to be broken in all areas from marketing to healthcare. This to me does not seem to be a new idea yet rather one that is topical and obvious to the masses currently due to where we as mankind now sit on the verge of a new era of information sharing and increasing global connectedness.

The fact I can input my information onto an App like LinkedIn, find my circle and immediately look outward to every one of those peoples networks is overwhelming and the possibilities of this are seemingly endless. Who won’t be connected in the future? How will people look back at this time now in the future? Will we change fundamentally as a result of it? Will we turn it into a tool of evil? Unfortunately for me these scientists cannot accomplish much more than creating a whole lot more questions.

This piece on the degrees of separation, is thought provoking whether you jump on board their bandwagon or let it skeptically drive by.

I choose the later, because personally thats how I continue to challenge my curiosities and remain full of wonder.

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qoute much?

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” – Steve Jobs

Student Charter

Student Charter added to by myself in red

1.    Be fully committed to your own learning, the decision you take in relation to it, and the challenges involved. Don’t just do the necessary, go out an be proactive in your learning. No ones holding your hand now.
2.    Work with honesty and integrity, You are a reflection of your Course. We are lucky to be here and with that comes the responsibility to act accordingly
3.    Give and receive feedback about your experiences and participate in continuous improvement processes, even if they will not directly affect you. As part of a larger community your feedback is for the greater good and something you raise could see things change for the better in following years
4.    Treat all members of the University community with respect and toleranance

5.    Value the diversity of students and staff, appreciate the multi generational multi cultural melting pot of RMIT, between all of us there is a wealth of great material just waiting to be discovered
6.    Reject discrimination and harassment
7.    Champion independent thought
8.    Respect University facilities and resources, relevant policies and follow safety and security advice, Media Students can get their hands on some super sweet not so cheap equipment, Learn how to use it don’t abuse it.
9.    Provide up to date, accurate and timely student information when required
10.    Accept responsibility for decisions made about courses and program choices. your mistakes are your own, accept them and reflect on how those same mistakes can be prevented in the future.

A Digital tease

I decided to use footage that I had shot on an earlier occasion for my digital story, all i had to do was some research to get numbers to back it up and create an interesting engaging piece of digital storytelling (also a good opportunity to familiarize myself with final cut x, which i must admit grew on me during the editing process) . I concluded that a great way to market that would be to link it to the site of the charity which I worked with over in Ethiopia “Cause to Wonder” so i made the infograph available to their  website as well as posting it on my own private Facebook page in the hopes that when my final digital story goes live online I can gain some viewers. I have also planned to attach it to Flickr photos from the trip.