Redefining the ‘horror genre‘?

I prefer to think it adds a rose tint to some classic horror films and makes a strong statement about the genres recent direction…

The hype surrounding “Cabin in the Woods” has been going on a long time… since those “Whedonites” picked up on the films announcement.

Its delayed release thanks to the bankruptcy volt of MGM, talk of 3D conversion, Its eventual release and now the critical over analysis have filled forum and blog posts galore.

So does it really redefine a genre?
whether it does or does not makes no difference to me. Usually a film i have engaged with in a “Fan Boy” way through production and post leaves a bitter taste of hype after the eventual viewing.

Not the Cabin!

It was one of my most memorable cinema experiences of the year and gets an “Instant Classic” stamp of approval.

It is not often Whedon fans are blessed with the presence of Mr Joss in the raw, participating in direct discussions with the audience regarding one of his latest creations. This question and answer time unfortunately raises more questions than it can answer. Neither depth or specific detail are given. listening to the cast / production team its clear that the film is expected to stand up on its own and voice its own conclusion…

I admit, that I myself am a Whedon fan and had been anticipating this movies release.
Although I may have seen it a few times now, I am still able to find enough new tid bits, references, plot holes and nuances in the piece to stimulate my psyche and pique my interest.

Thanks to Lionsgate for saving the film from MGM and letting it see the light of day.

CABIN IN THE WOODS ***** (Instant Classic)

Cabin in the Woods SXSW 2012 Q&A

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