Take this Lollipop

Have a lollipop?

why not i say to myself as i click the screen.

I guess i forgot all about that old thing my Mums used to say to me about accepting candy from strangers… or in this case strange websites within a few clicks i give permission for the app to access my facebook profile.

That’s when things start to get major creepy…

In an abandoned, decrepit building sits a junkie looking man staring at a computer screen.

Whats on that screen? Me… ME?!?

this Man is looking through my profile. pictures. messages. everything.

Finally he looks at a map with directions on it… directions to me!

It ends… was that some kind of uber creepy PSA? well yes i think it was

Take this Lollipop is an online storytelling version of the classic Urban Myth, and serves to warn us to be weary of the internet, with one click of an enticing looking button that looks completely harmless and you may unknowingly allow your information to be accessed by anyone… in this case a psychotic stalker.

Its engrossing as it engages you and shocks. Most internet safety spots are cheesy and filled with details regarding cyber crime and identity theft. this is free of dialogue and this adds to the shock factor, it also Stalk Much?doesn’t undermine the viewers intelligence and spell itself out either   makes you think for yourself what the purpose of it is.

Something all users of Facebook and the Net in general should probably see… innovative, incredibly well produced and contains a very important message that can be determined individually by each viewer.

Here’s hoping that lollipop doesn’t show up!

Source –  www.takethislollipop.com


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