Student Charter

Student Charter added to by myself in red

1.    Be fully committed to your own learning, the decision you take in relation to it, and the challenges involved. Don’t just do the necessary, go out an be proactive in your learning. No ones holding your hand now.
2.    Work with honesty and integrity, You are a reflection of your Course. We are lucky to be here and with that comes the responsibility to act accordingly
3.    Give and receive feedback about your experiences and participate in continuous improvement processes, even if they will not directly affect you. As part of a larger community your feedback is for the greater good and something you raise could see things change for the better in following years
4.    Treat all members of the University community with respect and toleranance

5.    Value the diversity of students and staff, appreciate the multi generational multi cultural melting pot of RMIT, between all of us there is a wealth of great material just waiting to be discovered
6.    Reject discrimination and harassment
7.    Champion independent thought
8.    Respect University facilities and resources, relevant policies and follow safety and security advice, Media Students can get their hands on some super sweet not so cheap equipment, Learn how to use it don’t abuse it.
9.    Provide up to date, accurate and timely student information when required
10.    Accept responsibility for decisions made about courses and program choices. your mistakes are your own, accept them and reflect on how those same mistakes can be prevented in the future.

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