Hollywood Reporter on Rachel’s latest project

DPG’s Rachel Clentworth new play 🙂

A scene still from Ollie 2011
How Ollie sees his folks – Featuring Rachel Clentworth and Lee Donoghue

The Rivals: Theater Review
3:19 PM PDT 10/19/2012 by Myron Meisel



The Rivals Theater Review – H 2012
The Bottom Line

Sagely eccentric mounting of classic comedy that appeals to modern tastes while tinkering with a period authenticity of acting style.

The Actors’ Gang, Culver City (runs through Nov. 17)

Patti Tippo, Brian T. Finney, VJ Foster, Rachel Clentworth, Suzanne Fagan, Molly O’Neill, Will McFadden, Simon Hanna, Chris Schultz, Pierre Adeli, Bob Turton

David Schweizer

Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s first play, which gave the world the term “malapropism” in 1775, is staged in Culver City.

In the seaside town of Bath, it’s Beach Party 1775, where everyone wears layers of ornamental clothing, the course of love cannot be left to the chance of pheromones and everyone schemes to secure their fortunes and flummox their opponents

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